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Jemison Realty Company Inc.

Commerical and Investment Real Estate Sales, Leasing and Property Management
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             Property for Lease

 3021 6th Ave South  Retail / Office Warehouse                   
 2,000 Sq. Ft  Retail / Office Warehouse                                    Location Map 

Located in the Lakeview area close to Pepper Place

Great location for art studio,  design shop or etc.                 Leased 

1617 11th Ave South  UAB Area                Leased      Location Map  
1,100 sf  free standing Doctor' Clinic with Parking 


2940 Clairmont Ave. South             Leased           Location Map 

3,000 sq. ft. free standing office Building       

 1023 11th Place South                  Leased                       Location Map         
 1,350 Sq. Ft   Retail Across from UAB


1158 11th Ave South                       Leased                                             

 Retail close to UAB                                                          Location Map 
900 sq ft  available



1144 - 46 11th Ave South                       Leased                                             

 Retail or Office close to UAB                                        Location Map                       
940 sq ft  available  (Newly Remolded)

1148 11th Ave South                                                            

 Retail or Office close to UAB                                         Location Map                       
950 sq ft  available  (Newly Remolded)
 Rental Ralte $1,100 per month


1161  11th Ave South                                    Location Map 

Historical Office Space 

1,500 sf  office 2nd floor -                  Leased 



3737 2 Ave South                                     Leased               Location Map    

2,700 Sq Ft Warehouse

14 ft over head doors & storage yard




 1119 Pecan Ave. . fronting Hwy 31 North   (next to McDonalds)   Sold
Free Standing 1,500 - 2,000 Sq. Ft  Office / Retail                  
                                                                                   Location  Map 

1413  Thompson Circle    Office Space ( Highway 31 North Exposure)  
Single Office  $125 and up                                              Location  Map    


 807 Shades Crest Rd                          Leased
                                                                                                       Location Map
Retail / Office located in a very active shopping center
 900 Sq. Ft  Retail

817 Shades Crest Rd                                Leased
Retail  located in a very active shopping center                      Location Map
1,250 Sq Ft  Retail

3412 Lorna Lane off Rocky Ridge Rd     Leased  
2,500 sq. ft. Office Warehouse                                             Location Map             


                      Vestavia / Cahaba Heights                                  


Commerce Square                    Leased

3118 Belwood Dr  Suite 120                                Location  Map   

750 to 1,250 Sq Ft Office / Retail



2709 19th Place South (Downtown Homewood)           Location  Map

5700 sf. ft. Office Warehouse 14ft. roll-up door


 100 Broadway                                                               Leased

3,500 Sq Ft Retail Shop on the corner of Oxmoor & Broadway

Off Street Parking                                                              Location  Map

 923 Oxmoor Rd        (Edgewood Business District)     Leased

1,250 Sq. Ft Retail Shop                                                  Location  Map

Rental Rate $1,100 per month plus Tax and Ins.

2926 Central Ave                                                                Leased

1500 Sq Ft Office / Retail   available                                    Location  Map

Off Street Parking



 2711 Mammie  Foster  (18th Place So.)          
 2,325 Sq Ft Office Warehouse  $1850.00 Per Month        Location  Map
In the Heart of Homewood walk to SOHO 
2008 Lancaster Homewood, Large Parking lot          Leased
1,200 Sq Ft  + or -  
                                                                                               Location  Map

SoSo  Commons  Homewood
Retail or Office                                                         Location  Map
1816 - 1818  28th Ave So.    
 Retail or Office across from SoHo                             
600 sq ft   available
Rental Rate $675 per month 

                        Mountian Brook                                               

2408 Canterbury Rd

1,500 Sq. Ft Retail space-                                            Location  Map 




                         Downtown / Avondale Area                         

  462 35th St North                   Leased

Avondale Area                                     Location  Map 

4,000 Sq Ft Warehouse with Office

14 ft over head doors & storage yard

 Rental Rate $2,500 per month              


 4016 1st Ave North         Avondale Area   

                                                                                  Leased            Location  Map

8,200 Sq Ft Retail / Office Warehouse



4013 Messer Airport Hwy
Avondale Area  
2,800 Sq Ft  + or -  Retail / Office                               Location  Map
Ground Lease / Call for Rental Rate

             Eastern Area/East Lake/ Woodlawn                      
6816 1st Ave N suite  A            
8,000 Sq. Ft  Retail / Warehouse
                                                                            Location  Map                           

5373 1st Ave North          

1,950 Sq. Ft  Retail / Office Space                   Location  Map 



5359 1st Ave N    Retail Center         Leased 

2,000  Sq Ft Available                      Location  Map 

Rental Rate is Based on terms of lease


5501 1st Ave N                             Location  Map             6,500SqFt.Retail                Leased                                                                                  

5424 1 Ave N                      Location  Map                                                               

  2,000 Sq. Ft +or-  Office / Retail                Leased 

 Water and Heat and A/C  Furnished     

Call office for rental rate



Village Market Center                

7709  2nd Ave South                  Location  Map 

1,200 to 1,500 Sq. Ft

Call For rental terms

201 Oporto Madrid Blvd S                       Leased  

3,300 sq. ft. Auto Service Shop                                  Location  Map 


7519 1st Ave N                           Leased  

Auto repair Shop 4,500 Sq Ft                                  Location  Map 


5377 1ST AVE N                            Leased                         

3,200 Sq ft   + or -  Retail Location                           Location  Map  

Rental Rate: $975 per month

6727 1st Ave  North 

2,200 Sq ft   + or -  Retail Location                           Location  Map 

$695 per month   


6733 1st Ave North 

2,000 Sq ft   + or -  Retail Location                         Location  Map 


     Leeds / Moody                                                      


  Moody Acre Shopping Center    

2719 Moody Parkway 

                                                                  Location  Map 

 Retail Space 1,250 Sq Ft
$1,150 per month          

   Western Area                                                          

1405 Lomb Ave.  Warehouse
10,500 sf. ft. with 2 drive in doors                             Location Map
Rental Rate: $1050.00 per month

#11 15th St W    Service Building Drive in Door
Rental Rate: $550.00 per month                           LEASED


212 By Williams  ( Midfield St )    Retail Beauty Shop    Location Map





      Shelby County                                               

Southland Plaza       

201- B Yeager Parkway                                                  Location  Map

Pelham, Al

1,200  Sq Ft office / retail space             

 Rental Rate $850 per month

  Anniston, Alabama                                         


Noble Building

1021 Noble Street            SOLD                                   Location  Map

Anniston, Al 36201

 Office Space 400sq ft to 7,900sq ft

Located in the Heart of Historical Downtown Anniston

(Retail Space available in Lobby)




   Property for Sale 

Commerical Properties 


6816 1st Ave N

Birmingham, Al. 35206

3900 Sq. Ft  Retail - Warehouse

Great Parking     Leased


                                                     Location Map 


100 Graymont Ave W

Birmingham, Al 35204

Old Churches Chicken Location

Located in Legion Fields Parking lot.

Sales Price: $85,000      Location Map 



4228 Richard Arrington Blvd 35212

Birmingham, Al. 35206

3900 Sq. Ft  Retail office Warehouse

Zone- B-2

Sales Price: $104,900

                               Location Map 



 709-15 3th  Ave N

 Birmingham, Al 35203

10,200 Sq. Ft  Retail - Warehouse

Sales Price: $350,000

                                 Location Map 


4265  1st Ave North


Avondale Area    SOLD

3,985 Sq Ft  Building

19,300Sq Ft    Land

 Zoning: M1 



3827 1ST AVE N

Avondale Area    

Sale Price: $385,000

Zoning: M1                       Location Map 

 Building Size: 13,600 Sq Ft  

 Lot Size: 40,950 Sq Ft


 Price Reduced to $695,000


 1405 & 1413 Thompson Cir.

 Gardendale, Alabama 35071

Sales Price: $800,000.                  

                                               Location Map 

2  Different Buildings :   

1405 Building  5,000 sq. ft.  2 Story - 2,500 Sf Available 1413 Building  8,500 sq. ft. 2 Story-3,500 Sf Available       13,500 sq. ft.  Total + or -

· Excellent Highway 31 Frontage

· Ample parking.                          

· Ideal  for a investor of user     




 6432 3rd Ave No.      Location Map 

Office Warehouse  Complex

21,800 Sq. Ft  

Zone M-1    SOLD            Flyer 



4709 1st Ave North    

 Avondale Area           SOLD

8 acres + or -       

Building Size: 14,000    Location Map 

Zone M-2

 Great opportunity for Retail / Warehousing Redevelopment



6727 1st Ave  North 

Birmingham, Al 35206

2,200 Sq ft   + or -  Retail 

                              Location  Map 

Sales Price  $50,000

6733 1st Ave N            Investment

Birmingham, Al 35206

2350 sq ft Retail

Lease to Barber Shop  Location  Map 

Call for detail

Hartman Industrial                          

33.37  Acres  + or -

 Located in the Midfield area $8,000 per Acre City of Birmingham     


 Location  Map             Survey     



 Land For Sale

8059 Bear Creek Rd

Crystal Lake off of 280 

5 Acres +  with 750 ft of  Water frontage

 Sales Price  $300,000

Location Map


8465 Highway 31

Calera Al 35040

Located next to Hardees Hamburger

Sales Price  $165,000

Location Map

1.34 Acres + or - 

  6286 Old Springville Rd

19.04 acres

Sales Price: $765,000

Proposed Commercial Development

 19.04 acres of undeveloped land with 1,635  Road frontage along Old Springville Rd and 1,638 Road frontage along Doug Hollow Rd


         Location Map