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Jemison Realty Company Inc.

Commerical and Investment Real Estate Sales, Leasing and Property Management
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History of Jemison Realty Co.

Robert Jemison, Jr., launched Jemison Real Estate and Insurance Company in 1903. In less than a decade,
his real estate developments had made a major mark on the city: Ensley Highlands, Earle Place, Central Park, Mountain Terrace and Bush Hills. In 1910, he developed the Tutwiler Hotel. In 1916, Jemison was responsible for the development of  Mountain Brook in 1929. The plans by Boston-based landscape architect Warren H. Manning called for estate-sized lots along winding scenic roads and denser commercial development centering on three “village”, called “English Village”, “Mountain Brook Village” and “Crestline Village”. His contribution to the area was commended with the City of Mountain Brook dedicating Jemison Park in his honor.