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Jemison Realty Company Inc.

Commerical and Investment Real Estate Sales, Leasing and Property Management
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Available Residential Properties For Rent
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 We have Property in all areas of the city so if you need to be near a certain employer, school, college or family member, we have an House or Apartment  for you. For more information contact our office.


To apply for residence in one of our properties, you may download the:
                               EASTERN AREA                         


7740 Apt D 3rd Ave So    2 Bedroom Apartment                          Location Map  
Rental Rate    $295.00 per month   LEASED

7725 Rugby Ave.  -  Apt D   2 Bedroom Apartment                    Location Map  
Rental Rate    $350.00 per month  
All Electric

TARRANT &  Northern AREA                                                                             

2015 36th Ave North
3 Bedroom 1 bath  -  Nice level yard                                                     Location Map 
Rental Rate $650 per month

808 47th St North 2 Bedroom Apartment - 
Rental Rate    $275.00 per month                         LEASED                  Location Map

 2705 20th Ave North     2 Bedroom  Apartment 
  Rental Rate $375.00 per month.                                                              Location Map

455 Hertiage Place, Pinson      2 Bedroom, 2 Baths  Townhome

    Kitchen appliances, cha         $725.00 per month plus deposit.   NO PETS!!!!




 Highland Seville Apartments      1117 29th St South                View 1 Bedroom     View 2 Bedroom
1 Bedroom - $625.00 per month
(All units have a Washer & Dryer connection.) Water Furnished              LEASED                                            Location Map   
Great location looking over Highland Ave.
Close to Town and Entertainment District and minutes to UAB

Arlington Crescent Apts

2410 Arlington Crescent                                                                                       Location Map  
Rental Rate$425  per month  Historical 1  bedroom located in a great area
Close to shopping,   UAB, Town and Entertainment District  Tenant pay water, power, gas. 


Malibu Apartments

1340 32nd Street South -  central heat & air,   Carpets,                                        View a unit                              
built in kitchen, laundry facilities on premises.
Also has pool to enjoy during the summer months.         
Deck or Patio looking over court yard and pool
1 Bedroom, 1 Bath -  $625.00 per month   
                                                                                                             Location Map 

Water Furnished


1513 16th Ave South   

 Nice 2 Bedroom, 1 Bath  - Apartment-          LEASED                                    Location Map  

Central heat & air, Hardwood floors

1331  34 St South         Historical Apartments                                                   Location Map 

The apartments features hardwood floors and City views. (water furnished)




Greensprings Area                                                                                                                                   





 5240 Goldmar


3 Bedroom 2  Bath - House                                                                  Location Map    
Rental Rate - $895 per month


 Mountain Brook                                                                                                                


Vestavia /   Hoover                                                                                                              



Shelby County / Helena / Pelham  / etc.                                                                        










704 Windsor Dr.  Located in the Hollywood area 
3 Bedroom 2  Bath - House                                                       Location Map    
Rental Rate - $1,295 per month
Available  August 15, 2015 


WESTERN AREA /  FAIRFIELD /  MIDFIELD / CENTRAL PARK / ENSLEY                                  



638 8th Ave W  3 Bedroom 1 &1/2  Bath - House                            Location Map    

Rental Rate - $500 per month

505 31st Street  Ens.

2 Bedroom -  1 Bath  - Apt                              LEASED                          Location Map    

Rental Rate - $375 per month


706 A 24th Ave W   (Finley Ave area)

2 Bedroom -  1 Bath  - Apt                                 LEASED                      Location Map    

Rental Rate - $375 per month

1822 Warrior Rd     2  Bedroom, 1 Bath  - Apt                                      Location Map                                     
Rental Rate - $425 per month

609 Arkadelphia Road   2  Bedroom, 1 Bath  - Apt                              Location Map                               
Rental Rate  $300.00 per month.

  #12 8th Ave West    2  Bedroom, 1 Bath  - Apt             LEASED        Location Map                                     
Rental Rate  $375.00 per month

552 21st Street SW   2  Bedroom, 1 Bath  - Apt                                      Location Map                                     
Rental Rate  $325.00 per month

 1741 Steiner Ave  2 or 3 Bedroom 1 Bath - House                                  Location Map       
Rental Rate  $495.00 per month


2637 Apt F Pike  Rd    2  Bedroom, 1 Bath  - Apt                                      Location Map                                     
Rental Rate  $375.00 per month

 HUEYTOWN   /  Bessemer                                                                                                                   


 1201 27th Ave N     House    3 Bedroom 2 bath  -  with Den   (Hueytown)    Location Map       
Rental Rate $750.00 per month          LEASED                    

Additional  list of houses that are available that needs to be repaired.                     


Down Load List of Houses